Restorative Creativity

Restorative Creativity Workshop Series

Explore your life story in one of the following five unique workshops. Each three hour healing art session teaches therapeutic tools for healthy coping and produces rich, insight through giving voice to unspoken emotions and experiences. Healing Expressions is honored to provide a sacred, nurturing and restorative time for each participant. Sessions can be arranged privately or in groups and are offered at Healing Expression's office/workshop at US Digital Outreach Center located in Vancouver, WA.

Choose one of five workshops listed below. Each session includes:

All art supplies, materials, project instruction, safe and comforting home art studio, beautiful music, tea-time/brunch, gift bag of healing treasures, time to therapeutically share and process your work.


1. "Creative Soul Renewal": Therapeutic Collage Healing Arts Session:

 Lani vulnerably shares her recovery story revealed through the use of this powerful therapeutic collage process. This healing tool uses images to give voice to our wounded places, reveals personal truths, memories, unspoken stories, hopes, dreams and spiritual insight. You will experience reflective time to collect and collage your own personally meaningful images and to therapeutically process this material. This unique time also includes the creation of a keepsake art pendant. The sacred revelations in this session are unique to each client. Many clients return for this session and continue the process of self-discovery, emotional healing and spiritual insight when new issues or life seasons arrive.

* Due to the emotionally potent experience of working with images in this session, if you are a survivor of abuse and currently under the care of a therapist please consult with your therapist to determine if the timing is right for you to participate. For trauma survivors, it is advised you are in a safe place with support to further process what this session may evoke. If your therapist has concerns or questions please sign a Release of Information then have them contact me at


2."Mosaic Soul Art Journaling": Collaborative Art Therapy Journals


  Powerful therapeutic journaling tool that can be shared interactively with a therapist, lay counselor, spiritual director or trusted support in your recovery process. This multi-faceted journal invites all of who you are and maps your journey through visual imagery, collage, written expressions and keepsakes. Explore your inner life, past influences, all aspects of identity and growth steps. This journal invites truth woven on its pages from those who have walked through your process with you. This session is especially helpful for those who identify with different “parts” of the self by exploring internal communication, roles, fostering understanding and integration of your identity. The journal is a place for “all parts to be heard”.  Lani shares art journal sheets, techniques, processes and exercises for this unique journal.  Also includes creation of a "Soul Journal Jar" with reflective journal prompts.

 * Participation in the "Creative Soul Renewel : Therapeutic Collage Healing Art Session" (above) is recommended prior to this session as the collage process is a poweful addition and compliment to the Mosaic Soul Art Journaling.


3. "Mosaic Soul Collaborative Affirmation Cards"

In this workshop, participants will learn creative healing tools by exploring the creation of personal "community affirmation" cards. These cards are designed especially for those who identify with different “aspects of the self” and promote supportive internal communication during the recovery process. Useful for containment, self-care and internal/parts dialogue, they are helpful tools in assisting with the intensity of emotions that can be present during the recovery journey. Cards may contain internal words of wisdom, meaningful symbols, truth statements, hopeful encouragement, supportive direction, remembrances, and ideas that promote a collaborative, forward moving and healing system. They can be called upon during therapy sessions, used as journal prompts, offer nurture and comfort during the processing of the trauma narrative and used in a variety of self-care practices.


4. "Creative Affirmations and Altered Stories": Art Therapy Blocks





The childlike pleasure of playing with blocks! Create stories, explore healing themes and affirmations and be surprised by the multiple ways your personally created set can be arranged and displayed. This session includes an art journaling exercise where your five- block set “theme” is discovered and images and phrases are then chosen to express the theme. Each set is a beautiful expression of your story and gift to your inner child!


5. "Healing In The Shadows": Keepsake Shrine Shadow Boxes






These special creations celebrate personally meaningful experiences. Explore a memory, chronicle a journey, remember a sacred event or person, or display meaningful tokens, cherished images and treasures. These are small altars that mark a point in time that we choose to acknowledge and honor. You will choose from Lani’s vast collection of trinkets and treasures that which speaks to your heart and/or bring your own photos or personal tokens to include in your shadowbox. It is a time to deeply reflect and be present even while “in the shadows”.


6. "All Things Made New": Composition Book Journals

 Explore beautiful ways to “make-over” a simple composition notebook as a journal that also displays as a work of sacred soul art. Nurture your heart as you restore the old to new! Each client will create affirmations, tags and meaningful tokens to include in their “new creation’. This session reflects on how far we have come in our own journeys, honors each brave step taken and celebrates the milestones and turning points. This finished journal then becomes a sacred space to record these events and “expressions of our being made new”. Each client leaves with a special easel to display their work of heart and to honor the journey it represents.



"Healing Expression's "Creative Soul Renewal" workshop was an incredibly profound and stirring experience. I found myself in a safe and nurturing place where I could risk vulnerability and express the deep places of my heart that had held onto pain for so long and could, at last, exhale and be seen, heard and loved. I left relieved, with a sense of hope that I was coming away with tools to continue processing and releasing and have continued to use these techniques on my own with much success."

Sarah K, Restorative Creativity Client


"Lani is amazing. She has a warm energy and you feel instantly relaxed in her presence. She allows a non judgemental space to be creative and most importantly, honors your experience. I would highly recommend her workshops, seminars and restorative creativity sessions"
~Jaime Pollack, Founder/Director, An Infinite Mind


"The restorative creativity workshop with Lani was a great experience for me. It really helped me learn a new way to get my emotions out and to start healing. I felt hope after hearing Lani's story and her heart. I would recommend it for anyone that is searching for a healthier life, a more clear soul. It was an amazing experience. I wear my necklace that I made almost daily. It was very healing to be with someone that has taken the time to search and heal. I am thankful I had this opportunity." 
 Jackie F., Restorative Creativity Client

Please confirm with individuals who are participating with you as a group before purchasing the per person group option pricing. For more information and date availablity please contact me through the contact link or email at


 Private Restorative Creativity 3 HR Session: $175.00

   Group 3 HR Session (2-4 Clients): $145.00 Per Person      

Group 3 HR Session (5-8 Clients): $125.00 Per Person




Private Restorative Creativity 3 HR Session

Group Restorative Creativity 3 HR Session (2-4 Clients)-$145.00 Per Person

Group Restorative Creativity 3 HR Session (5-10 Clients)-$125.00 Per Person

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