Therapeutic Collage Group Workshop

….Healing Expressions….

“And the image gave voice where words had been silenced....”


Presented By Lani Kent

Therapeutic Arts Facilitator

(This registration Page is for Pre-arranged Groups of 8 or more) 


Lani Kent offers a unique opportunity for recovery groups, survivors, and those in the helping professions who journey with the tender souls that live in the aftermath of wounding life experiences. Lani considers it a sacred honor to have been invited to share with many recovery/support groups and processing a variety of personal stories (childhood trauma, sexual abuse, domestic violence, addiction, grief, loss and other life season changes). Lani also shares this process with friendship and women's groups and other life sojourner gatherings. 

Lani’s work, “Healing Expressions”, began as a way to share in the form of art, words and images that which would encourage, heal, and inspire faith, authenticity and transparency in the hearts of wounded souls. She shares from her own personal journey of emotional healing through the powerful medium of “Restorative Creativity”, expressive collage and interactive art journaling. In an atmosphere of safety and acceptance, she invites participants to collect and collage personally meaningful images that encourage self discovery, growth, release and transformation of emotions and healing. 

These intuitive and unique collage expressions offer a gentle opportunity to embrace the footprints of the past and discover the hopeful footsteps of tomorrow. They become a window into the soul. These “visual narratives” are created with the childlike simplicity of scissors, glue and images but their meaning is deeply moving and uniquely profound to each participant. As Lani weaves her own story and artwork throughout the process, hearts are softened and opened to the gift of healing.


2 HR Group Presentation/ Workshop:  $30.00 Per Participant

Non-Profit/Church Ministry Discount- $25.00 Per Participant


Registration fee includes folder of materials, all supplies and keepsake healing gift.

*Minimum of 8 participants resquested for Group Workshops

Workshops are held at US Digital Outreach Center at 1400 NE 136th Ave Vancouver, WA 98684. Lani is also available to offer the workshop at your group location for those in the Portland/Vancouver area.

For groups outside the Portland/Vancouver area  additional travel fee will apply.


"From the moment you step into the room surrounded by Lani's art, you know you have entered sacred ground.  Lani and her artistic expressions lead you to embrace and honor your own heart 's story with courage and care. For my healing group (recovering from sexual abuse), the experience opened our hearts a little wider, to feel more deeply and to see our stories in new form with more kindness and truth.  Lani brings as a healing sojourner so much care and deep compassion. The experience is truly an embrace of love on the healing journey!"
Susan Brock, Life Coach, Open Heart's Journey Leader

"Lani Kent has been using her art to encourage and offer healing to others for many years. Her unique ability to work with survivors to understand their stories through the use of art is unparalleled. Lani brings a deep understanding of trauma and its impact on the heart, mind and body, and creates a safe environment for clients to explore these issues. I wholeheartedly recommend Lani and her work within the healing community. 

Cindy Brosh,Therapist, LPC



Like many survivors of abuse, I have insisted on living most of my life with my fist in the air; determined to take control over everything else that was to happen to me in the rest of it, so I would never be hurt again.  A few years ago, I literally came to the end of myself, exhausted with trying to force a life to be lived in darkness when my soul was crying out to live in His light. The gift of Collage that Therapeutic Arts Facilitator, Lani Kent brought to my journey helped me in trusting God to meet me back in the pain I had been holding silent.  Only there can I discover, truly grieve and release the vows I made with darkness; recognizing the lies that had attacked, and empowered me to condemn myself to that life of darkness, where no love was allowed in, and no love was allowed out. Collaging has gently guided me to honor yet another piece of my heart in a sweet and sacred surrender, to receive God's love and forgiveness, receive love for myself by rediscovering the TRUTH of who I am, and choose the path of life instead of death….

 Brenda, Therapeutic Collage Group Workshop Participant






Before registering your participants below please contact Lani through the contact link  to discuss specific details for your group and arrange a date for the group workshop.


After your workshop date has been confirmed, please have your participants register individually below or register your entire group by purchasing a quantity equal to the number in your group  (i.e. for a group of 10  enter the quantity of 10).   If preferred participant fees may be paid at the time of the workshop by check or cash.


 *Due to the emotionally potent experience of working with images in this workshop, if you are a survivor of abuse under the care of a therapist please consult with your therapist to determine if the timing is right for you to participate. For trauma survivors, it is advised you are in a safe place with support to further process what this workshop may evoke.


Therapeutic Collage Group Workshop $30.00 Per Participant


Therapeutic Collage Group Workshop -Non-Profit/Church Ministry $25.00 Per Participant

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