Soul Art Mentoring


Therapeutic Arts Facilitator, Lani Kent offers individual, one-on-one, "Soul Art Mentoring" sessions in Healing Expressions office at the US Digital Outreach Center in Vancouver WA or by phone/Facetime. These sessions are for clients who desire to explore their dreams, passions and creativity, are on a recovery/healing journey or might be taking steps in the following circumstances:


1. BEGINNING A CREATIVE JOURNEY: Desiring an introduction to Healing Expressions and Restorative Creativity, learning about and understanding the creative heart work process.

-Soul Art Mentoring sessions are for clients who may have never participated in creative exploration and are at the beginning of opening their hearts to discover this form of expression. This session offers a safe place to ask questions, a time to get aquainted and comfortable, learn about "Restorative Creativity", therapeutic collage and receive guidance, explore creative self-beliefs, receive creative encouragement and more information about Lani's work prior to participating in "Restorative Creativity" sessions or workshops. 


2.REFLECTING ON A CREATIVE JOURNEY: Processing and continued exploration of the therapeutic collage, art journaling and mixed media work that clients have begun in the Restorative Creativity Sessions.

-Soul Art Mentoring sessions offer a safe place for current and past clients to share, process and gain insight into continued "Restorative Creativity" work and other therapeutic art-based work they are currently creating in their life story exploration or recovery journey. Lani offers clients continued guidance, gentle questions, exercises, invites reflection and "soul art play" for in-studio clients or Facetime/Skype. These sessions are based on each client's individual "Soul Art" needs. 


3.SHARING THE GIFTS OF A CREATIVE JOURNEY: Growing, expanding, encouraging vision and ideas to pursue developing/marketing and offering your own creative gifts and passions.

-Soul Art Mentoring sessions are for clients who desire to develop their own unique creative endeavors and offer them to others. Healing Expressions is passionate about helping others set goals and take steps into launching their own personal creative offerings/services/ministries into the world and exploring the process of how their voice might be effectively shared.


 4. DEVELOPING SACRED SPACE FOR A CREATIVE JOURNEY: Encouraging exploration and creating opportunities in your own home, work, spiritual life, relationships and play for the myriad of ways to flourish and nurture the heart with a creative life.

-Soul Art Mentoring is for clients who are wanting to give themselves the gift of creating sacred space to let creativity flourish in their lives. These sessions are helpful in exploring individual ways to create beautiful and inspiring space in our homes, incorporate creative tools for spiritual growth and deepening capacity for simplicity and being present by creatively attending to all of our senses.


*Please arrange and confirm date for session by contacting Therapeutic Arts Faciliatator Lani Kent through the Contact Link or directly at before purchasing your Soul Art Mentoring Session.

Sessions are also available by Phone/Facetime/Skype

Individual Session Fee: $50.00 Per Hour


 "I am so grateful for the time that Lani spent with me for my Soul Art Mentoring session. I realized an encouraging mentor is a vital part of getting my art to the next step. Lani definitely has the gift of encouragement and knows how to see through to the other side of the "what if's." I love her mix of logic and passion. It is a beautiful thing she has brought into my life."

Rebekah Faith Mutchler, Heavenly Images Photography


Soul Art Mentoring Session 1 HR Individual (if you desire 2 HR session purchase quantity of 2 )


Soul Art Mentoring Session- 90 Minute Individual

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