Orlando: Mosaic Soul 2016 Workshop



Presented by Therapeutic Arts Facilitator 

Lani Kent of "Healing Expressions"


 Sunday, Feb.7, 2016

6:30- 9:30 PM

Wyndham Lake Beuna Vista Resort

Rock Lake Room

1850 HOtel Plaza Boulevard

Lake Buena Vista, Florida


 This unique workshop is offered at a special conference rate for attendees of the "Healing Together" Conference and is open to survivors and professionals in the surrounding community as well. Conference attendance is not requred to register. This workshop provides a safe place to explore expressive arts tools for recovery from traumatic life experiences .




 Lani’s work, Healing Expressions, began as a way to share art, words and images that would encourage, heal, inspire hope and create a pathway to greater authenticity and transparency in the hearts of wounded souls. She shares her personal journey of emotional healing through the powerful medium of Restorative CreativityExpressive Collage and Interactive Art Journaling. In an atmosphere of safety and acceptance, she invites participants to explore therapeutic art journaling to encourage self-discovery, growth and foster a tender self-compassionate avenue for release and transformation of emotions and healing.

Lani has been sharing her work with recovery groups, survivors, and those in the helping professions who journey with wounded souls for over ten years.   She considers it a sacred honor to speak and share expressive art processes with many recovery/support groups and individual clients processing a variety of personal stories (childhood trauma, Dissociative Identity Disorder, sexual abuse, domestic violence, addiction, grief, loss and other life season changes). 

"Mosaic Soul" participants will learn creative internal communication tools by exploring Interactive/Collaborative Art Journaling, journal prompts, affirmations, creative techniques and exercises designed especially for those who identify with different “parts” of the self. These unique tools promote internal communication, understanding of internal roles and the safe telling of your story.  

Each participant will receive a blank journal that can be shared interactively with a therapist or other trusted support in the recovery process. This multi-faceted journal invites all internal perspectives and maps the therapeutic journey through visual imagery, art making, collage, written expressions, therapy session notes and keepsakes. Explore how the past affects the present, all aspects of identity and growth milestones in recovery. These journals also have the added value of assisting in integration or "cooperative community" of fractured identity, and strengthening the therapeutic relationship. Collaborative art journaling is a place for “all parts to be heard”.  

Lani offers this workshop for survivors and mental health professionals as a supportive tool for the brave work of recovery. The “mosaic soul journal” is a companion to the healing journey and offers a place to record the recovery process, safely contain the trauma narrative and bear witnsess to healing transformation. As Lani weaves her own story and art journaling throughout the workshop, hearts are softened and opened to the gift of healing. 


"Mosaic Soul" Workshop:  $45.00 Pre-Registered (Below)   

 $49.00 at the door 

Registration fee includes folder of materials, therapeutic hardbound journal, prompts and affirmations, and keepsake healing gift.

If you would like to purchase a registration for a friend or as a scholorship please use the "SCHOLARSHIP FOR A fRIEND" Option"!


"From the moment you step into the room surrounded by Lani's art, you know you have entered sacred ground.  Lani and her artistic expressions lead you to embrace and honor your own heart 's story with courage and care. For my healing group (recovering from sexual abuse), the experience opened our hearts a little wider, to feel more deeply and to see our stories in new form with more kindness and truth.  Lani brings as a healing sojourner so much care and deep compassion. The experience is truly an embrace of love on the healing journey!"
~Susan Brock, Life Coach, Open Heart's Journey Leader
 "Lani Kent has been using her art to encourage and offer healing to others for many years. Her unique ability to work with survivors to understand their stories through the use of art is unparalleled. Lani brings a deep understanding of trauma and its impact on the heart, mind and body, and creates a safe environment for clients to explore these issues. I wholeheartedly recommend Lani and her work within the healing community. ~Cindy Brosh,Therapist, LPC

"Lani is a woman that uses her creativity, her sensitivity to others, her own healing path, and her passionate nature, to help others heal in processes that are uniquely her own.  Her style creates a safe and beautiful place to explore oneself and invites participation.  She is knowledgeable, not only of the therapeutic process and Dissociative Disorders, but also of myriads of artistic ways to assist clients in opening up doors to things that are sometimes hard or impossible to express with just the spoken word.  Be prepared to be taught, helped and blessed."  ~Bonnie Richards, MS, LMHC



 *If you are a survivor of abuse under the care of a therapist please consult with your therapist to determine if the timing is right for you to participate. For trauma survivors, it is advised you are in a safe place with support to further process what this workshop may evoke.

For questions or more information please email Lani at lanikent@msn.com



Late January participants will be sent an Informed Consent to be signed prior to participation in the workshop. 

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