Consultation/Client Support


PROFESSIONAL CONSULTATION: For therapeutic professionals, lay counselors, victim advocates, law enforcement, and other concerned agencies working to support and offer resources for trauma survivors, Therapeutic Arts Facilitator Lani Kent is available for consultation and speaking. If you are a mental health provider desiring consultation in regards to your client participation in "Restorative Creativity", "Therapeutic Mentoring" or "In-Session Client Support" sessions, a "Release of Information" form signed by your client will be requested prior to consultation. For safety and sensitivity of consultation content, your professional affiliation and verification of identity will be requested prior to consultation. Consultation is available by personal appointment at Lani's Vancouver, WA office, by phone or on-line through ZOOM secure video format.

IN SESSION CLIENT SUPPORT: For clients recovering from Complex Trauma and Dissociative Disorders, Lani's own recovery journey, experience working with clients dealing with Dissociation and her healing artwork may provide unique insight and understanding during her supportive participation in a client's session with their therapist/counselor. If you are a local (Vancouver,WA or Portland,OR) provider or client interested in exploring this collaborative therapeutic arrangement for one or several sessions, please sign a "Release of Information" and contact to discuss how she may best support your therapeutic process. When session date is confirmed you may then register through the appropriate link below.


"As one of the therapists to have invited and utilized Lani's in session support role, I can attest to the amazing therapeutic impact she has had for my client.  It is not an exaggeration to say that in single sessions with Lani my client made gains equal to months of traditional therapy.  As a trauma-informed therapist, I understand the difficult task of creating a safe and trusting alliance with a survivor.   Lani does a masterful job attending to these delicate interpersonal processes while still being able to impart vital transformative and cathartic experiences through her shared art and words.  I cannot recommend her more highly." ~ Brent Lindberg PH.D., M.C., N.C.C. Western Psychological & Counseling Services
"I have been privileged to hear Lani present to a wide variety of audiences.  She is articulate, honest and powerful while addressing the core of trauma and illustrating how the creative art process creates lasting healing."  ~ Beth Adams, Domestic Violence Victim Advocate, Tukwila Police Dept, WA

Professional Consultation:  $75.00 Per Hour   

In-Session Client Support:  $75.00 Per Hour

For Clients: Upon registration for your session you will receive my Informed Consent by email to be signed and returned prior to our first session.    



Professional Consultation-1 HR


In Session Client Support-1 HR


Professional Consultation-30 Minute


In Session Client Support- 30 Minutes


In Session Client Support- 90 Minutes

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