Vancouver Therapist Training Workshop: "Art as Healing Expression"


LANI KENT, Therapeutic Arts Facilitator







Saturday, Sept. 15, 2018



US Digital Outreach Center

Training Center Conference Room

  1400 N.E. 136th Ave


8:30AM -6:00PM  


This Workshop Will Include:

Personal Narrative: The Timeline of a Dissociative Diagnosis- Denial to Integration

Healing in Supportive Community: Creative Approaches to Healthy Identity and Integration

Mosaic Soul Trauma Narrative: Traumatic Themes and Dissociative Revelations in Collage Art Journaling

Healing Alliance and Partnership with Dissociative Disorders: Special Considerations For The Therapeutic Relationship

Creative Soul Renewal: Therapeutic Collage Process (Hands On Workshop, Materials Provided)

The Body Speaks: Disordered Eating, Body Memories, Body Image and Dissociation 

The Silent VoiceUsing Art in the Identification of and Recovery from Complex Trauma in Organized Group Abuse. Themes and Elements in Client Art Telling

Mosaic Soul Art Journaling: Client/ Therapist Collaborative Process Journals 

Multi Level Expressions:  Disclosure and Containment in Collage Art Journaling


Registration is limited to 40 attendees so early registration is recommended!


 Early Bird (Register by Sept 1, 2018): $85.00

Registration after Sept 1, 2018): $95.00

Coffee, tea and light snacks will be provided throughout the day. All folders, materials and workshop supplies included. Lunch will be on your own. There are many restaurants, coffee shops and eateries within a five mile distance from the event location and this list will be made available to attendees!

*Due to highly sensitive and triggering content this seminar is for therapeutic professionals only and not appropriate for survivors in recovery.  Attendees will be viewing traumatic survivor artwork for training purposes and discussing extreme abuse recovery as presented and disclosed in client art making. Please take good care of yourself in determining if this content is appropriate for where you are in your professional training and experience. 


"For many who pursue their stories, talking alone is not enough. Art can become a vital conduit through which their stories can flow more easily and completely. Lani Kent knows and understands this truth, both personally and professionally. As someone who has powerfully used art to explore and express her own story she is uniquely qualified to assist others in discovering the medium of art as an avenue of expression of their stories. Lani is a gifted artist and communicator whose talents will compliment those seeking to better understand themselves. I encourage you to take the opportunity to learn the advantages that art can offer for self-awareness and understanding under her direction." 
Byron Kehler MS, Trauma Therapist

"It is not an exaggeration to say that in single sessions with Lani my client made gains equal to months of traditional therapy.  As a trauma-informed therapist, I understand the difficult task of creating a safe and trusting alliance with a survivor.   Lani does a masterful job attending to these delicate interpersonal processes while still being able to impart vital transformative and cathartic experiences through her shared art and words.  I cannot recommend her work in the therapeutic community more highly.”

Brent Lindberg Ph.D., M.C., N.C.C.

 "It is with remarkable gentleness and understanding born out of authentic journey that Lani Kent offers herself to guide clients into a creative expression of their souls. Her distinctive use of the therapeutic collage and "Restorative Creativity" process is a powerful means of transformation and healing in those recovering from complex trauma and dissociation."

Brenda Keck MAFT, Therapist


Vancouver Therapist Training " Art as a Healing Expression" (After Sept 1, 2018)


Vancouver Therapist Training "Art as a Healing Expression"-Early Bird Discount (Before Sept. 1, 2018)

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