Therapist, Interns and SITT Trainees Workshop

This group workshop is  open to mental health professionals, therapy interns and those who are participating in the SITT (Story Informed Trauma Therapy)  training by Trauma Therapist Byron Kehler, MS.




Restorative Creativity:

"Healing Trauma and the Expressive Arts"

An Evening with Therapeutic Arts Facilitator Lani Kent


FEBRUARY 26, 2019


US Digital Outreach Center

1400 NE 136th Ave

Vancouver, WA 98683

Lani Kent is a Therapeutic Arts Facilitator, Consultant, Speaker and Advocate who has a compassionate heart for victims of sexual, physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual abuse. She is passionate about exploring expressive arts therapies with recovery groups and individual clients as an adjunct to their recovery process and has been working in this capacity for over ten years under the name "Healing Expressions".

Lani shares her Restorative Creativity Sessions, Therapeutic Collage Workshops, Individual Therapeutic Mentoring, healing exhibits and artwork with survivors, mental health professionals, childhood trauma recovery groups, professional conferences and faith-based healing ministries. She offers her honest expression of the recovery journey in the hopes that others will find the courage to embody their own stories and find their voice. 

Join Lani as she offers a window into her work within the therapeutic community and an opportunity to explore her expressive arts adjunct services for the clients that you may have the honor of guiding on the recovery journey.

Coffee, tea, light refreshments and a healing gift will be shared with attendees!




Since the first pictographs were painted on cave walls, art has been used to express some of our deepest feelings; fear, hope, tragedy, and triumph. Art has the capacity to bypass the restrictive elements of language expressing the deepest cries and desires of the soul. "Art is the meeting ground of the inner and outer worlds." (Elinor Ulman) For many who pursue their stories, talking alone is not enough. Art can become a vital conduit through which their stories can flow more easily and completely. Lani Kent knows and understands this truth, both personally and professionally. As someone who has powerfully used art to explore and express her own story she is uniquely qualified to assist others in discovering the medium of art as an avenue of expression of their stories. Lani is a gifted artist and communicator whose talents will compliment those seeking to better understand themselves. I encourage you to take the opportunity to learn the advantages that art can offer for self-awareness and understanding under her direction.
Byron Kehler MS, Trauma Therapist



Therapist, Interns and SITT Training Participants Workshop Feb. 26, 2019

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