Therapeutic Arts Facilitator: Lani Kent

My journey with collage and mixed media began over twenty years ago as a way to express what lay hidden in the deepest places of my soul...places that had been wounded and longed to break their silence. Speaking in unspoken ways has long been familiar to me. Creative expressions through art, music and poetry were my constant companions as a young girl. By Divine grace and mercy, it is these gifts that were used in my adult life to slowly unveil my own story and find my voice. As a young girl, the soul-ravaging experiences of sexual, physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual abuse had altered my perspective of myself and the world around me. Breaking the silence in the form of collage art and in the presence of safe souls offered the hope of healing and restoration to my once fractured heart. Years later, it is now my deepest heart's passion to help others find healing through the use of the creative arts.
It has been during this process that I have been honored to meet and share my work with many who are traveling similar journeys for the past 15 years. My prayer is that these "Healing Expressions" would inspire authenticity, transparency and hope in the hearts of those who have chosen the courageous path towards healing. Throughout these pages my hope is that you will know you are not alone. My deepest desire is to see survivors set free from the shame and the painful secrets that keep them from fully living. You will be met right where you are...just as you are. May you take the first step this day to speak what has been unspoken in your soul and begin to tell your own story.
I am blessed to work with individuals, recovery groups and mental health professionals as a Therapeutic Arts Facilitator, offer "Restorative Creativity"  individual and group sessions, Therapeutic Collage workshops,  perform special music and speak at various retreats, recovery and trauma conferences.
My life is shared with my loving and supportive husband and family, and a sacred collection of treasured friends and fellow healing sojourners. You may also find more news about my work with Healing Expressions, my artwork and inspirational gifts at:
For more information regarding speaking, therapeutic collage workshops,  "Restorative Creativity" individual and/or group sessions or for professional consultation you may email me directly at or through the contact form found here!

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