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Sheila Correia

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Chicago, IL

Dear Lani: I've just discovered your beautiful site and blog and feel as if I've happened upon a great and wondrous treasure. Your work is so inspirational and touches upon many experiences I too have had in my life. It wasn't until I lost my "corporate" job earlier last year that I opened up to the incredible world of creativity and expression. I make artisan jewelry mostly soldered, but it's your digital creations that truly touch my heart. I will continue to follow your blog and site and hope you will drop by to visit me. May God bless you and keep you in his light.

Marianna McKown

Friday, January 29, 2010

Balad, Iraq

I just received my beautiful glass necklace today! I am honestly in AWE over how beautiful it is! It's spectacular, Lani. I own several pieces of art that Lani has created for me & each one is so special. Thank you for making such beautiful work for me & my friends. It's really makes me feel like I have a piece of home so far away... : Marianna


Thursday, January 21, 2010

Atlanta, GA

As my husband and I embark on a journey to move our family to Europe and share the hope and healing that Jesus offers, I find my heart sometimes excited and sometimes in places of huge surrender. And as Jesus continues to heal places in my heart, I find that sometimes I am feeling amazing freedom, and sometimes as He brings up a new area that needs healing, and I learn to actually feel the pain and take it to Him, I feel raw in my emotions. So the beautiful necklace Lani made that says "Embrace the Journey" is deeply meaningful to me. And it's a message from God to embrace every part of these journeys He has me on. Because I'm finding that walking through the pain and the surrender leads me to a place of freedom and joy! Thank you, Lani, for your part in my journey!

Lover of Beauty

Monday, November 30, 2009


I have purchased several items over the years and enjoy each one every time I walk by a print or wear Lani's jewelry. I bought my grown daughters her charm bracelets and they just loved them. There is so much to look at an enjoy as each piece has its own special message. Lani has a gift for creating beautiful items with depth and passion. I'll be back to this shop!

Linda Curry

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Truckee, California

Dear Lani, I received a phone call from my Aunt Dee-Dee today who I e-mailed you about . She is battling ovarian cancer and when you said you would love to send her a ray of hope I had no idea what that would mean to her. I cannot describe the emotional effect your gift had on her. She was so uplifted by the words, beauty, and message that she cried for the first time in a very long time. You truly are an angel on earth and may you feel the thankfulness of all of those that you touch.

Hospice Social Worker

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Indianapolis, Indiana

The Healing Art Cards and Box are absolutely beautiful! The message and art work on each card is very inspiring and meaningful! Your Healing Art Cards provide touching, heart-felt expressions of care and concern that assists to bring voice to genuine empathy. The cards are a blessing to patients in hospice, their loved ones and also to those that assist in their care. These cards help to validate the emotions of life and living, grief and loss and of death and dying. Thank you so very, very much!


Monday, September 7, 2009


I received the "Came So Far" healing block on Wednesday.  Both the block and the packaging were beautiful beyond description.  My therapist, Betsy, loved it and immediately asked if she could display it in her office!  My only regret is not ordering one for myself.   How is this for an example of having a great connection with your therapist? Betsy had a gift for me as well.  In some Native American tribes, it is a custom to give a person going on a journey a small stone to carry in their pocket.  When the stone is presented to the recipient, a few words are said to them about what the stone symbolizes.  Betsy chose two smooth stones for me, the first one being a lovely chocolate brown one to remind me of the DBT skills she had helped me develop over the past four months.  The second one represented "how far I'd come".  I found it very special that both her and I summarized the outcome of our therapy together by nearly identical expressions, completely independent of one another.  The fact that I found your artwork that said, in a way worthy of display, those same words, was truly serendipitous. God bless you for expressing what survivors of trauma feel before, during and after recovery in a way that touches us so deeply.     

Lorraine Sumner

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Thank you for your incredibly beautiful, soulful and healing creations. You are such an inspiration to me...Brightest Blessings,Raine

Janet Laird

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Northern California

I received the healing box and love it! I will share your cards of healing with people finding wellness after mental illness and addiction recovery in my WRAP Workshops!

Lynda Gilchuk

Monday, August 24, 2009

Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

I cant begin to describe how grateful I am to have found your art. I own several cards and a set of the wooden blocks. Your work is breathtaking, meaningful, colorful and glorious. You words touch hearts and souls. I've just spent an hour at your website soaking in your art and your words. You give so freely and bare your soul for the whole world to see. Thank you.

Barbara Hopkins

Friday, August 21, 2009

Seneca, MO

Lani, I received the Healing Box to share at the upcoming conference. I wish you could have been here when I began to read the cards. I don't know how to put all the things that I felt into words. I sat and cried over several of them...not a bad cry, but a good cry. For many years I have tried to tell many what it is like for me, trapped within my own body, like being held hostage. After going through the box it was as though, you have known me personally and understood the impact physically, mentally, and spiritually...then expressed those feelings into words. You have made a deep impression on my life and touched my soul in a way you just can't imagine....thank you again Lani. You have earned your angel wings...never forget that. Sincerely, Barbara Hopkins

George Robertson

Monday, August 17, 2009


Thanks so much Lani, With all of our hearts the volunteers and participants of the Healing Through Creativity Festival wish to express our gratitude for the true gift of sharing your healing expressions of art. The amazing cards capture some of the most personal fears and add hope and empowerment within. I did not know that I could be overwhelmed with understanding in the face of being alone in a crowd. We truly know that we are not alone. The energy and positive good will be felt by all who will see and experience the artistic works that you share with the world in the Healing Through Creativity Festival. We are truly honored and amazed by your spirit.

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