Dissociative Disorders Seminar

"The years pass...dreams begin to be unlocking. Spurred on by the fresh, crisp increase of the still small voice, I began to see some of what those silent, unspoken words never said. I saw a mask. It looked like me. I took if off and beheld a group of huddled, terrified people who shrank together to hide terrible secrets."    

Trauma and Recovery, Judith Hermann


Therapeutic Arts Facilitator, Lani Kent, offers a seminar designed for therapists, counselors and those in the helping professions who journey with dissociative survivors of severe childhood trauma. Her creative therapeutic work with trauma survivors combined with her in-depth knowledge of the dissociative process gives Lani unique perspective on the topic. Lani believes that dissociation is a creative, life-saving, coping mechanism for a young child to survive through circumstances that would have otherwise been ...unsurvivable.

Sharing from her collective work with other survivors and personal journey of emotional healing through the powerful medium of expressive collage, interactive art journaling and "Restorative Creativity", Lani takes you into the depths of the dissociative experience.  She shares unique tools and processes that assist in unlocking and revealing the inner language of the fractured soul, fostering a deeper therapeutic alliance between counselor and client.  These creative tools assist survivors in the safe telling of the truth and support the dissociative healing process.

Her passion is to bring personal insight and education to therapeutic professionals who work with Dissociative Disorders and who desire to learn creative ways to foster a deeper understanding, communication and healing partnership with the deeply wounded who have been entrusted to them. Lani offers individual Restorative Creativity Sessions, Therapeutic Collage Workshops and In-Session Client Support for survivors as an adjunct to the treatment they receive from their primary therapists, creating a safe place for this professional collaboration.


"Lani is a woman that uses her creativity, her sensitivity to others, her own healing path, and her passionate nature, to help others heal in processes that are uniquely her own.  Her style creates a safe and beautiful place to explore oneself and invites participation.  She is knowledgeable, not only of the therapeutic process and Dissociative Disorders, but also of myriads of artistic ways to assist clients in opening up doors to things that are sometimes hard or impossible to express with just the spoken word.  Be prepared to be taught, helped and blessed." Bonnie Richards, MS, LMHC



For more information about upcoming seminars or to arrange a seminar for your counseling agency or group (Minimum of 5 attendees required) email directly at lanikent@msn.com

*Due to sensitive /triggering content this seminar is for therapeutic professionals only and not appropriate for survivors in recovery.  For safety and integrity of the seminar gathering, verification of therapeutic affiliation and identification will be requested prior to confirmation of seminar attendance.Thank you for your understanding of this precaution.  

Please see the Therapeutic Collage Workshop link  or the "Restorative Creativity" link for healing resources for survivors and recovery groups!







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