"Lani understands as few people do what it takes to face and heal the wounds in our souls. In the 20 years I have known her, I have been inspired and humbled by the courage with which she lives. It is with remarkable gentleness and understanding born out of authentic journey that Lani offers herself to guide others into a creative expression of their souls. Her distinctive use of the therapeutic collage and "Restorative Creativity" process is a powerful means of transformation and healing."
Brenda Keck MAFT, Therapist

"I am grateful that Lani shares her story and talents in the form of her beautiful journals and creative works. I also recommend her “Restorative Creativity” therapeutic collage and art journaling workshops to anyone interested in enhancing their recovery through creative arts.   I have recommended her journals and art cards for use in therapeutic exercises with clients. The uniquely exquisite and sensitive nature depicted in her works, have resonated strongly with survivors.  As a psychiatrist, I can attest to the therapeutic value of her “Healing Expressions”, including the affirmations, which have direct relevance to people pursuing their own healing journey." 

Dr. Marlene Steinberg, M.D., Author, Stranger in the Mirror: Dissociation, The Hidden Epidemic.


Since the first pictographs were painted on cave walls, art has been used to express some of our deepest feelings; fear, hope, tragedy, and triumph. Art has the capacity to bypass the restrictive elements of language expressing the deepest cries and desires of the soul. "Art is the meeting ground of the inner and outer worlds." (Elinor Ulman) For many who pursue their stories, talking alone is not enough. Art can become a vital conduit through which their stories can flow more easily and completely. Lani Kent knows and understands this truth, both personally and professionally. As someone who has powerfully used art to explore and express her own story she is uniquely qualified to assist others in discovering the medium of art as an avenue of expression of their stories. Lani is a gifted artist and communicator whose talents will compliment those seeking to better understand themselves. I encourage you to take the opportunity to learn the advantages that art can offer for self-awareness and understanding under her direction.
Byron Kehler MS, Trauma Therapist
"Lani has become a regular feature at our "Healing Hope" groups. Her gentle spirit, heart for hurting women, and creative gifts always minister to our ladies in profound ways. Lani's creative use of collage to help women tap into deep pools in their heart is life changing. She shares from her own life with authenticity and creates a safe and nurturing environment for women to experience healing. Lani has found her calling using images to lead others into the presence of God"
Meg Wilson, Founder, Hope After Betrayal
"As one of the therapists to have invited and utilized Lani's in session support role, I can attest to the amazing therapeutic impact she has had for my client.  It is not an exaggeration to say that in single sessions with Lani my client made gains equal to months of traditional therapy.  As a trauma-informed therapist, I understand the difficult task of creating a safe and trusting alliance with a survivor.   Lani does a masterful job attending to these delicate interpersonal processes while still being able to impart vital transformative and cathartic experiences through her shared art and words.  I cannot recommend her more highly."
Brent Lindberg Ph.D., M.C., N.C.C.  Western Pyschological & Counseling Services
"Healing Expression's "Creative Soul Renewal" workshop was an incredibly profound and stirring experience. I found myself in a safe and nurturing place where I could risk vulnerability and express the deep places of my heart that had held onto pain for so long and could, at last, exhale and be seen, heard and loved. I left relieved, with a sense of hope that I was coming away with tools to continue processing and releasing and have continued to use these techniques on my own with much success."
Sarah, Restorative Creativity Client
"Lani Kent has been using her art to encourage and offer healing to others for many years. Her unique ablility to work with survivors to understand their stories through the use of art is unparalleled. Lani brings a deep understanding of trauma and its impact on the heart, mind and body, and creates a safe environment for clients to explore these issues. I wholeheartedly recommend Lani and her work within the healing community."
Cindy Brosh LPC, Therapist
"Take a blessed journey into your soul with Lani's Healing Expressions. Feel the freedom and release as she quides you through an experience that can become a "turning point" moment if you let it in. Healing is a process and I have seen Lani assist many people through the difficult parts of their healing with phenomenal grace and peace. It doesn't matter what phase of the journey you are on- the expereince of being with Lani and allowing her to guide you through this therapeutic collage process is soul changing."
Sarah Hancock, Hope Project Coordinator, Emergency Support Services

"I recently took a trip to Portland with a friend with the intension of getting away and learning a little about myself. She told me of the work Lani Kent was doing with Healing Expressions. All I can say was this first session with Lani blew me away. I walked in with no expectations and walked out with a different perspective of myself and understanding the journey to heal. The process that Lani took me through has changed the way I deal with things. It made so much sense and I continue to use “Restorative Creativity” through my everyday life and have healed many wounds and relationships."

Bianca, "Restorative Creativity" Client


"I am continually amazed at the ways that God reaches out to His hurting people with such tenderness and mercy. Through those times of gentle recovery comes great power and strength giving us the courage to go on when we feel like we can't take one more step in the journey. That is what I experienced the first time I participated in Lani's Therapeutic Collage Workshop. From the beginning to end God's sweet presence was evident as I let feelings that were too deep for words find expression. The images began to speak to me and I was profoundly reminded that God knows the deepest places of my soul: the soul He created and longs to heal. I highly recommmend this workshop to anyone who is willing to let healing come into the lonely and painful places.

Florence McDavid. Therapeutic Collage Participant

“Lani is a wonderful therapeutic artist! In her work through Healing Expressions, her artwork is poignant, but gentle and expresses her knowledge of individuals in pain extremely well. She creates a connectedness between her art that can often transcend human relationships. She also goes the "extra mile" by presenting her work with a personal note and in packaging that conveys her caring sensitivity. I highly recommend her work."
Mayetta Cahill, Folk Artist
Lani has an amazing blend of artistic talent, profound insight and intuition, and a delightful way to connect with people. She is caring, intelligent and wonderfully committed to healing. I have consulted with her on a number of occasions and am grateful for her insight."
Monica Taffinder, M.A., M.A. Grace Clinic Counseling
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